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Potions of Strength provide misleading information



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.12.0
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      Recall the informational box that appears when you select an item from your Inventory. For Strength Potions, at the bottom of the box, it displays the text "+[number] Attack Damage."

      In Java Edition, this makes sense because the Strength status effect adds a fixed amount of damage depending on the level (lvl I is +3 damage, lvl II is +6, etc.). The info box (or whatever it's called) therefore says "+6 Attack Strength" for a Potion of Strength II.

      In Bedrock Edition however, it is based on a multiplier. Level I Strength multiples the current damage by 130%, level II multiplies by 260%, and so on. However, the box still displays the same text across both versions, leaving out the percent symbol. For example, in Bedrock Edition, it will say "+260 Attack Damage" for a Strength II potion.

      When I first saw this, I thought it was a different bug that would allow me to deal more than 130 hearts of damage in one hit. Of course I ended up being disappointed. But anyways, for possible fixes, maybe you can just include the percent sign or reword it for Bedrock Edition.




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