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Armor Stand Right Hand Item Getting Stuck On Screen.



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         If you have an armor stand with an item in its right arm, such as an oak planks, then throw an invisibility potion at it, the block is there like how it should be. BUT, if you move around, the block sticks to your screen. Armor on the stand isn’t affected it just disappears which is another problem which I am not sure if it is a whole new problem or connected with this one. None of it should take effect of the invisibility potion. The only way to get rid of it is to either break the armor stand, or walk past it until it disappears. One more thing, if you relog, the the item in which the armor stand is holding resets to your screen depending on how close you are to the armor stand. If close, like you see in the screenshot, the item will become bigger. The problem isn’t even fixed when you relog. It just changes size. (I don’t have all of the devices for this bug but I’m sure it works on every device.) (It has been going on before this update too.)


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