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Skeleton/Pillager never drop their Bow/Crossbow


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      well, I know there's already someone submit a bug report about mob drops. And this bug still hasn't been fix.
      I know you guys said that mobs have a low chance to drop armor/tool...
      I made a pillager/raid farm and a skeleton farm, none of them drop bow or crossbow, with looting 3. Also I made drowned farm and you know what, I get a lot of trident from that farm alone without using looting sword (from minecraft wiki, it said there's 11% chance of getting trident).
      In skeleton and raid farm? I didn't get a single bow or crossbow (from minecraft wiki, it said there's 11% chance of getting bow from skeleton using looting 3 sword and 44% chance of getting crossbow from pillager using looting 3 sword)
      I noticed this bug in 1.12 beta version and I though they're going to fix this bug, but I guess I am wrong then

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