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Arrow shoots through glass


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      Arrows go through glass panes

      I thought arrows would be stopped by the glass, but skeletons have shot me. To test, I did it myself and when pressed up against the glass and shooting, it goes through.

      To reproduce this, stand up all the way up against the glass until you cannot go forward any more (It might be easier to put cobble stone on top and to the left and right of 2 high 1 wide and 1 thick column of glass panes. Pull the bow back all the way, aim at the ground near the bottom pane, and shoot. 3/4 times it should work, which is unfortunate for players that experience this glitch.

      Please comment for any questions as I looked for another version of this bug and could not find this.

      Note: works in both creative and survival, but a bigger pain in survival as you could be killed.

            King Bob
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