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Achievements are no longer progressing



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      Once the first 1.11 update came to this version, I tried to get the Master Trader achievement which requires trading for 1000 emeralds. A few months ago as I was trying to trade enough materials for the 1000 emeralds my achievement bar stopped at around the 20% mark.  Even after counting over 350 emeralds traded one time, the achievement bar stayed stuck at 20%. Since then every trade I would make that gave me an emerald would not make the progress bar go any further. I have all of the other achievements that came with update 1.11, so it seemed odd to me that this achievement was the only one that bugged. I checked my game settings to see if there were any changes, but there weren't any.

      The world that I played on was and has always been set to survival difficulty. The world was made some time before version 1.9.

      About one week ago I noticed my Survival world now said that "Xbox Live achievements cannot be earned in this world". I don't understand why since I have never set the game mode to creative, activated cheats, or used experimental gameplay on this world. I have never used resource packs or behavior packs, so there is nothing that could have possibly activated this. Attached below are screenshots of this message on my survival world, the Master Trader achievement with its halted 20% progress bar, and 1087 emeralds that I have recently received from trading with villagers in one sitting about a few hours ago to test if the achievement would respond.


      MCPE-46308 is a similar bug reported, but I decided to make my own post because they don't specify whether their worlds have the "Xbox Live achievements cannot be earned in this world" message, which may qualify it as a different error or bug. However, The issues that they posted about the Master Trader achievement also apply to my bug report.


      In the meantime, is there any way to be able to reactivate achievements for my Survival world? (also, I made this post private in case any of my world information is needed. If not, this post can be public.)


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