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Villagers breeding out of control



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.11.4
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      Xbox One


      I have set up in a village I generated for the village and pillage update. Not long after getting my base built, the villagers started breeding, and they have not stopped. The number of 'unemployed' villagers wandering around is insane. I have villagers switching professions as others detach from their job site blocks, and I have lost two max level farmers when they got disconnected from their job site blocks and another villager attached before they could reattach. When that happens the max level farmers do not/can not refresh their trades

      I built some huts and new levels onto existing huts for the first batch of villagers, including shepherds and fletchers I wanted to spawn. But the villagers took that as an invitation for another explosion of breeding. I cannot keep up. I have resorted to pruning nitwits and 'broken' max level villagers, as well as all the unemployed I can corner, with lava buckets to avoid aggroing the iron golems, but there are constantly baby villagers everywhere and the numbers keep increasing.




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