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Multiple Ender Dragons spawning in a survival world!


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      I went to the end in my survival world and got killed so I went back to the end I got killed but then the third time I went back to the end another Ender Dragon spawned, and then when I went to the end a 4th time another Ender Dragon spawned this was in survival. So I decided that killing 3 Ender Dragons at once in survival was practically impossible so when I went to the end for the 5th time one of the Ender Dragons despawned and I decided to go into creative and give me something so I could beat the Ender Dragons no Dragon egg spawned. I have a screenshot of multiple Ender Dragons it's only in creative cause it was practically impossible to screenshot them while in survival, and the other screenshot is just proof the Dragon Egg didn't spawn

            TheShyGuyGamer Rhys Palomino-Vear
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