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Mobs continue to target player after switching to peaceful



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    • 1.19.10
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      Certain mobs continue to attack the player in peaceful difficulty if they had targeted the player before switching to peaceful difficulty. As of beta this applies to Iron Golems, Evokers, Shulkers and Zoglins.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Spawn or find one of the mobs listed above. For Iron Golems they must be village-generated or spawned with a command.
      2. In easy/normal/hard difficulty, get the mob to target you.
      3. Switch to peaceful.

      Expected result

      The mob does not attack.

      Actual result

      The mob attacks you repeatedly.

      Original summary
      Mobs not following difficulty level

      when i'm on either easy normal or hard and get phantoms and fly away and set it to peaceful and come back phantoms still are flying around attacking me in peaceful when i come back and reload chunk, Also attacking villagers has iron golem attacking me when i leave and set it back to peaceful iron golem is still attacking me even when its still peaceful. Update I got a video showing me eating food on peaceful and entering area where Iron golems are attacking me even when Peaceful is on, File is too big so ill post youtube video link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhY6PtKwpz4&feature=youtu.be




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