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      Windows 10 - PC


      Built multiple portals going in and out of the nether. Created a room within the nether that had about 6 or so portals leaving the nether. Tested all 6 portals many times. Each portal led me somewhere within my map, then upon return took me back to the same room within the nether that contained all the portals. Cut to today. Used a portal within that room to go and hunt some endermen. As I waited within the portal to return to the portal room in the nether, an endermen struck me and I took damage. This was about .5 seconds before I loaded into the nether. When I arrived in the nether, was shocked to find I had spawned in a totally random location, surrounded by lava and gasts, and the portal i had come through was nowhere to be found. Checked my coordinates and found I was over 2000 degrees away from where my portal room was, no way out! Started trying to make my way back and was killed by lava. Lost all my stuff. What kind of a crappy glitch is that?




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