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Xbox360 controller's triggers unbindable and seen as a joystick



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.11.4
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      When I plug my wired xbox360 controller into my phone and start up Minecraft it appears to think that my trigger buttons, LT and RT, are a joystick with RT being the vertical rotation and LT being the horizontal rotation. when RT is not held at all I look up and when I have it held fully I look down, with LT when it is not held down I look left and when fully held down I look right, I tried seeing if my keybinds were wrong so I went to the settings and reset them to defaults and the problem continued, when trying to bind a key, RT and LT do nothing, just as the joysticks do, whereas pressing any other button will bind that action to that button. I only have this problem with Minecraft bedrock edition on my phone, on my windows 10 computer plugging in the same controller works fine and other games on my phone work perfectly as they should.


      This bug makes my game unplayable when I use this controller because unless I hold down RT and LT exactly half way I can not look in the right direction, menus scroll, and RT and LT do not break/place blocks as they are set to do in the keybinds




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