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Nether portal suffocation


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      my friend and I were playing on my other friend’s realm server and then when we were exploring the ocean my friend saw a nether portal just above the water and i said “oh i made that nether portal” (the portal was made because i was messing around in the nether and placing portals to try and have an easy access to long distance travel in the overworld and just as i placed a new portal in the nether the counterpart portal in the overworld spawned in an ocean biome where frost walker blocks were still present when we were previously exploring before the portal was created) I went ahead the portal and a new portal was placed in a cave in the nether and then suddenly when my friend tried to follow he suffocated. I tried to look around for his stuff but it wasn’t there when i also came back to the overworld, a new portal was placed next to a beach. I went back and forth trying to find where his stuff has gone but i can’t find it

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