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Playing on a realm causes my internet connection to stop working for 2-3 minutes



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      I played on a realm for a few hours before I had the connection issue happen, suddenly everything would freeze so I’d open discord to chat to my friends while I waited for it to either disconnect or unfreeze and I noticed that nothing would load or send on there as well, and later when it happened I checked and it was everything online related that wouldn’t load

      Now I can’t even join the realm for a full minute before I freeze and my connection freezes, still for about 2-3 minutes before I’m able to do anything on my tablet again.

      Updated my iOS because I thought since it was breaking my connection for so long that it was an iOS issue but it fixed nothing, still happening even on the latest iOS

      Additional info:

      • In a village, the freezing and crashes did become more frequent after increasing the village population
      • Crashes in a Desert so aside from Iron golems no other entities were around when I was crashing
      • Seemed to happen during the daytime not the nighttime
      • Possibly when my inventory was full because I was transporting stuff to trade with and I’d crash and my friends would be annoyed because I’d have what we needed to trade, probably not because I am pretty sure it happened again after I was finally able to hand off the stuff to them
      • no one else on the realm crashes, lagged or anything in the village, but they were playing on windows 10
      • My tablet has been performing badly since the first time this happened, unable to load high quality videos and pictures it was easily able to do before, so kinda hoping that something can be done about this

      Update: it's now a regular occurrence on any single player or multiplayer, it randomly causes my connection to halt for 30 seconds to 3 minutes, and while it never actually loses connection, my connection gets so slow and backed up during these occurrences that I wasn't able to run any connection test during it. everything else pauses, I left myself on the realm through one of these and after a while the connection did eventually catch up, never timed out even, I could move around and it registered, but I wouldn't get anything on my end. meaning something on minecraft causes my download speed of 35-40mps to freeze for up to 3 minutes solid, frequently not mater what I'm doing, minecraft just has to be running...




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