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(IMPORTANT) "MAJOR" Game Crashing Bug within Minecraft: For Android



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      Hello Mojang, 
      I have reported this in the beta feedback section of google play (and we'll proceed to put it on the feedback website) but I've decided to report this here too regardless because I have been unable to play Minecraft on my BlackBerry Motion phone this bug has effected both "Stable" and "Beta" versions of the game. 

      In hopes that you're able to fix this bug I will provide my "Device Infomation" (which should include all relevant information) however please don't hesitate to ask for video / photo proof. 

      Anyways here's how I came across this bug: 

      1. I haven't used Minecraft Pocket Edition for a while however when you guys made the 10th anniversary Map announcement I want to download and play it 
      I happened to be at my Girlfriends cottage at the time and as such I had no access to my laptop where I normally play the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft so I reinstalled Minecraft and launched the game. 

      Everything was fine the first time however when I went to go use the bathroom by the time I had returned to my phone it fell asleep so I proceeded to type in my password and wake up my phone then I discovered Minecraft froze on a white screen I'm like "Okay this is weird..." and proceeded to close the app and relaunch it to result once again it froze. 

      2. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it this fixed it temporarily but then I ran into the problem again once again Minecraft froze after my phone fell asleep again. 

      Anyways here's my device info: 

      Device Name: BlackBerry Motion 

      Modal: BBD100-2 

      Android Security Patch Level: May, 5th 2019 

      Baseband Version: 
      MPSS. TA. 

      Hardware Version: 04 

      Kernal Version: 
      3.18.71-perf-g69b5ea7 (gcc version 4.9.x 20150123 (Prerelease) (GCC) ) 
      ec_agent@br630cnc #1 
      Thu April 18 14:38:06 EDT 2019 

      Build Number: ABV312 

      Hopefully this helps the development team. 

      Your favorite nobody from Canada: 
      James "Powerhouse1996" Asselstine


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