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      Windows 10 Mobile


      I will spend multiple hours at a time just to hunt the coral reef areas for the perfect fish, any of the rare colored fish that can’t be spawned with spawn eggs. When I do, I catch them in a bucket and place them in a massive fish tank. However. If I try to bucket those same fish and release them a second time, the fish turn into the fish that arn’t rare (the fish that are white and a random color).  This has become incredibly frustrating since I spent hours collecting those fish only to have them change into standard ones. For example I had a red and green kob fish that was my favorite. It kept its color name when in the bucket however when I tried to release it a second time, it turned into a common black and white fish. This also happens with buckets of fish that are placed in chests, shutter chests and so on. I’m not sure what caused the glitch but it’s incredibly frustrating since I spend full days trying to find my favorite color combinations, only to have then turn into cheap common ones. I do not use any mods or skins but I do play on survival and creative modes. 




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