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Redstone and villager trade and iron golem issues



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      Windows 10 - PC


      We are experiencing two issues with the latest build.

      The first is an issue with a simple redstone build, a minecart dispenser station. It worked in the last official build and also in the latest java, but when I built it yesterday, it no longer works.

      You stand on a pressure plate, and the dispenser dispenses a minecart on the power tracks, and when you get off the dispenser into the minecart, the tracks are activated and the minecart moves.

      With this build, the pressure pad dispenses the minecart BUT the rail power is always powered and not turned off by the pressure pad, so the minecart takes off immediately.

      This worked every time in all the test build for village and pillage, across both java and bedrock.

      Heres a link to the tutorial video on building it:


      The other issue is villagers not paying out on trades. You give them items in trade, and they just take it without giving their portion of the trade to you.

      The last issue is with on iron golem. He is constantly looking down even when there isn;t anything near him. The other iron golem in the village is fine .




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              Gareeet Gary Tabar
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