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VIllagers don't understand Walls, "Upstairs", and Chests; Village Job Distribution



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.11.1
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      Nintendo Switch


      So, I've been playing in survival on a mountain-area, not sure what biome it is exactly, but I've been gathering villagers at my base to try and build a small town, but as I've had them in my base, I've noticed some strange behavior with the villagers.

      First, Villagers seem to have path finding issues when it comes to walls, slabs, and stairs.

      Despite having beds throughout the house, and every villager seemingly having one, if their assigned bed is up a flight of stairs and down a hall, or simply behind a wall, they'll get as close as they can in a direct path from where they are, often resulting in villagers staring at their bed from the floor below, or humorously through a wall while they stand next to the door to get to said bed.

      This problem is also replicated when getting to a work station. And, on that related note, if a villager stands on a chest they will freeze up and not move. This happens on both a double-wide and regular chest. When one half of a double-wide chest is broken, they will move.


      NOTE: This section can also double as a suggestion

       On the note of "Job Distribution," My base has numerous job-related blocks in it, and I've noticed that the villagers tend to join the most-abundant or nearest job block in the vicinity, resulting in quite a large number of librarians and fisherman despite other jobs being available.

      But, wouldn't it make more sense for the villagers to find a profession that has the least villagers in that profession? It would help fix the over-abundance of certain villager types in player-made villages, and also be more "realistic" in a sense.


      Also, I don't know how a Player-made village is determined in survival, but the villagers don't skill-up whenever they use their assigned workbench.




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