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Villagers Only Allow One Type of Trade/Villager scams you



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      Xbox One


      When trading with villagers the trade will be stuck on one trade. No matter what you do you cannot trade for anything else. If you click trade on the left side of the menu for a different trade the villager will simply take your emerald and give you xp not give you your requested item in the trade. For example, I am attempting to trade for a diamond sword for 8 emerald as this is the weapon smith´s level 4 trade. However the trade menu automatically reverts to the first trade of level one which is an iron axe for 4 emerald. If I put 8 emerald the menu will not change and it will still show the iron axe in the trade output slot. The left side of the trade menu is completely useless as the villager will just take your emerald and not give you the item if you hover over the different trade options. Also If you are trading an item for emerald you must already have emerald in your inventory to get any out of the trade. If not you´re out of luck again they will just give you xp but not give you your item. It seems the only item you CAN get is the item that the trade keeps reverting back to. Even here if you click trade on the left side you will not get the item you must hover over the item in the right trade slot. In my case for example, hover over the iron axe and manually pick it up to get it. Please fix this! There is no point in leveling up the villager if you can only trade for one item and the rest they just take your emerald. It is frustrating thank you.




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