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My game crashes when I intend to leave my survival map while heavy lag spikes are occuring.



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.11.1
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      Nintendo Switch


      So like usual I'm going to my survival map and I'm enjoying the game on Nintendo Switch but... Almost all the time the game take a long time to generate the chunks, and because of that, the game won't let me open my inventory or checking my shulker boxes, game chat and crafting tables and then I can't use my hotbar properly. After, the game let me doing what I've wanted to do but again it continues to lag and I'd to quit my survival map (600Mo) to debug it. And then, it's there that my game is freezing with an off-game pop-up which says "The software was closed because an error has occurred."

      This is not the worst thing. At this moment my game was saving my map and the crash corrupted it. And so I was back to my map and I was teleported back at a previous location of my path I've already crossed while I was in expedition and also... I lose my personal horse without knowing why and never I found it again... Because of a crash.


      Please you must fix the Switch performances because they make my game unplayable and they corrupt it.




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              ThugLifeEz Thibault SÉNAC FRICHETEAU
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