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Reputation with villagers not improving with villagers


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      Playing on my realm, fully updated to 1.11.2. A village we had before the update had the villagers switch to the new villager types.

      Playing on Pocket Edition, it's really easy to accidentally hit a villager when trying to trade with them, because if they move while I am trying to tap the "trade" button, I will accidentally hit them instead. EXTREMELY annoying, but obviously not a bug.

      This happened twice, so my reputation dropped and trades became more expensive.

      I tried to repair my reputation by curing a zombie villager and then releasing it into the village. Instead of improving my reputation, the newly cured villager picked up the prejudice from the other villagers and its trades became more expensive, too.

      I guess my questions are: is this a bug, and are other people experiencing this problem?

      It's really rough that I can accidentally get a bad reputation but can't repair it in any way. Trades no longer help (I understand that's not a bug) so curing zombie villagers is theoretically the only thing I can do.

      Please help!

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