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Nether to Overworld ratio incorrect for non-Large sized imported Console worlds



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.13.1, 1.11.1, 1.13.0
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      Xbox One


      In Bedrock Edition, the Overworld to Nether distance ratio is supposed to be 8:1. However, there is a way to break this by importing old Console worlds sized Medium or smaller.

      There is a reproducible way to create nether portals in the nether that are close to 1000 blocks apart, yet their corresponding portal distances in the Overworld will only be around 3000 blocks apart, not even close to the expected 8000 blocks.

      In other words, even though a World might have been imported to Bedrock Edition from Console Edition, it is still using the Legacy Overworld/Nether distance ratios, instead of forcing a 8:1 Overworld/Nether distance ratio.

      Legacy Console Edition (from https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/World_size)

      World size Nether-Overworld ratio
      Classic 1:3
      Small 1:3
      Medium 1:6
      Large 1:8



      Step 1:
      Load latest (and final) version of "Minecraft: XBox One Edition"
      Create New World (Any seed will work, Creative mode, goto "More Options" and change world size to "Small")
      Load the world, then save/exit.

      Step 2:
      Load "Minecraft" v1.11.2 on Xbox One on the same XBox account as used in Step 1.
      Select "Play", and goto "Sync Old Worlds", and import the world created from Step 1.
      Once the world is imported, go to the options for the world turn on Co-ordinates.
      Load the world

      Step 3:
      Once in game, fly near the center of the world where the coorinates are close to 0, 64, 0 and create a nether portal.

      • In my specific case, I created one near 58,67,-18 (overworld).

      Step through the portal to the nether, and note the coordinates you come through at. In my case, 24,77,-14 (nether)

      Fly hundreds of blocks in the nether in one direction to avoid spawning a portal too close to your original one

      • In my case I created a portal at 41,83,-271 (nether)

      Step through the portal to the Overworld and note your coordinates.

      This is where you can consistently see no matter how far you go in any direction, the ratio 3:1 is being used instead of 8:1

      In my case I come back to the Overworld at 124,83,807. You can see the final coordinate is almost exactly 3 times the nether coordinate, not even close to 8 times like it should be.




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