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Arrows fired offset while gliding with elytra


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      When firing a bow (or any other ranged weapon) while gliding, the ammo fired does not start in the player's body, but above the body.

      Expected results:
      Arrow will be fired from the bow/player's body while gliding.

      Actual results:
      Arrow is fired above the player while gliding.

      To reproduce the bug:

      1. Equip an elytra and start gliding horizontally from a high height.
      2. While gliding mid-air, fire an arrow using a bow (or crossbow). To see it more clearly, enable third person back view to see the trajectory of the arrow.

      Not just arrows but splash potions, snowballs, tridents, and other throwable items as well.

      This has been an old bug since the addition of elytras and was wondering why no one is noticing this.

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