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Cannot connect Switch to Switch



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.10.0
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      Nintendo Switch


      This issue is still relevant and still very annoying. I want to play Minecraft with a friend over the internet. We're both playing Minecraft with the Bedrock engine and we're both playing on Nintendo Switches. My friend has Multiplayer turned on for their world and we both have internet using online multiplayer. We both have Nintendo Online and are actually in the same family plan. Everything works out for us to be able to play together online but we just can't. Once we start and try, it says "cannot connect to world". We've met all the requirements for playing together but we can't. The strange thing is, I can still play cross platform though. I can even play Realms. It only doesn't work when trying to play Switch to Switch. This is extremely frustrating as Switch to Switch should presumably be easier to connect than cross platform. This is an old issue as well and it hasn't been fixed or looked at for months. I just want to play Minecraft with my Switch friends. Please let me know if there's any fix or any possible way I can play multiplayer with my friend


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