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Two Ender Dragons spawned in the end



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      I went to the end for the first time in my world and fought the Ender dragon. She launched me off the island and I lost all my best stuff 😕 I saved and quit and returned later. Couple of “application closed due to an error” messages later,  I went back in with some basic stuff in attempts to at least take out the towers before stocking up to beat the dragon herself. However, when I arrived in the end, there were two separate dragons, each with their own separate health bars and they moved independently of each other. After getting mauled by them, I hopped back in to get a screenshot of them. Note: getting a picture off of the switch via posting it to social media does not produce a great picture, but you can clearly see two separate sets of wings and two separate health bars. And both can very much harm me. I would play around in creative with it but I wanted to make this an achievement run and I would hate for all of my work to be for nothing if I cant defeat two dragons at once..




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