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Achievements are no longer working on worlds with '' experimental gameplay elements'' enabled after the new update for Xbox One



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      I started a world after the first pillage and village update came out to get all the achievements and turned on the coordinates had a bonus chest and enabled th exp. features all was going fine and I was getting achievements but there was no interfaces for any of the new blocks till the newest update. While playing I tried getting achievements with a friend but they werent working I assumed it was a multiplayer glitch or something so I didn't think much of it but I got on later and they still aren't working. I created a new world with the same settings switched on and they still didn't work so I created one with everything the same except the exp. features and achievements worked just fine. A creative world I have says that the achievements are disabled obviously but these other worlds do not say anything yet they seem to not be enabled either. I really don't want to have to make a new world because of this hopefully a little bandaid patch can fix this little bug thanks




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