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Faulty Update Updated whilst playing on the world; --> no warning or way to revert world version without aid



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      Xbox One


      (Note this is in reference to but not declaring the faulty update, do not mark as duplicate)
      My question here is if you have the software (world editor) to help me revert the version, as no new chunks or items were generated correlating to the beta update, please help if you can.

      I was playing on one of my heavily played survival worlds when a mysterious portal screen lockup caused me to view the sidebar hub of Xbox. Realizing the game was updating, I hastily quit minecraft, thinking the portal screen lockup was caused by it. What actually happened is the world registered as as it was updating, meaning I had no chance to undo the version update, meaning my world is in a unstable beta and has no backup, and the tweet from Mojang Status was shortly after, meaning, My world was updated without consent as I was playing on it. Is there any way to revert the world version, even through means such as giving you the world and changing the version it displays as. (I can attain the world file from the xbox one)




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