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Ender Dragon Breath attack doesn't apply damage immunity and has buggy knockback and duration



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      When fighting the Ender Dragon in the End on the Java and Legacy Console versions the fireball and roosting breath attacks deals damage once every second. But on the Bedrock Edition the fireball and roosting breath attacks deal damage multiple times every second and juggles the player upwards rapidly. It also last four times as long compared to Java and Legacy Console editions (Java edition fireball AoE lasts 35 seconds whereas Bedrock's fireball AoE lasts over 2 minutes).

      How to recreate
      1. Wear Diamond Armour with Protection IV enchantments.
      2. When fighting the Ender Dragon in the End wait for a fireball attack.
      3. Stand next to where the fireball lands so you are in the AoE of the lingering effect. You should only take damage once per second in Java and Legacy Console with small knockback whereas in Bedrock the damage should occur four-five times per second with moderate-high knockback.

      The Youtube video link below has a comparison of the breath attack between the Bedrock and Java/Legacy Console versions. Video credit goes to silentwisperer for showcasing and explaining the bugs in detail. Silentwisperer also has videos of other Minecraft Bedrock bugs on his channel for reference.

      Video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HDCCPa6aV2Y




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