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Save File Becomes Corrupted When Storage Space Runs Out



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.9.0
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      Windows 10 - PC


      I have been playing in this world for hours and all of a sudden I get a screen that says I have run out of disc space. No problem. I go and delete fallout 4 off my hard drive freeing up 40 GB. I try to open the same world and it still says not enough storage. I tried taking the world save out of my files, creating a new world and dropping my DAT files into this world, still did NOT work. I tried dropping the entire world folder in the save file directory and still did NOT work. I removed the world file and reinstalled the entire game and dropped it back into the save directory, try to launch and still did NOT work. Every instance is the same. Try to load save and game says no storage space even though there is 40GB, and I can create new worlds no problem at all. This seems like a pretty obvious bug. The alert to the player that they are out of storage is not letting the file accept new open storage and preventing it from being opened. Please send out a fix. I dont want to lose my world just because the file cant see my storage space. Its a little ridiculous.. I have searched everywhere with no fix found. I have tried every solution I can think of. 


      I will attach my World File so you can see what it is doing and maybe I will actually get my world back! Hope to hear a response soon!


        1. 000398.ldb
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        2. 000401.ldb
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        3. 000402.ldb
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        4. 000403.ldb
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        5. 000404.ldb
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        6. 000405.ldb
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        7. 000428.ldb
          127 kB
        8. 000432.ldb
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        9. 000437.ldb
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        10. CURRENT
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        11. level.dat
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        12. level.dat_old
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        13. levelname.txt
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        14. MANIFEST-000436
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        15. world_behavior_packs.json
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        16. world_icon.jpeg
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        17. world_resource_packs.json
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