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Unable to open world saves (but able to create new worlds and play in those)



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      This ticket is being used to track issues around crashes that occur while in or approaching the new villages and subsequent crashes when reloading the world. The tickets linked as duplicates have a variety of descriptions but all involve crashes at villages and we believe they have the same underlying cause.

      In, the game sometimes crashes while a player is in a new village or is approaching one. This happens in both worlds created in and worlds upgraded from earlier releases, and both with and without Experimental Gameplay enabled. The villages can be new V2 villages or V1 villages that the player has been manually upgrading for V2 villagers. There are some indications that certain workplace blocks may be involved, but this is not well established.

      The bug appears to be triggered at random, because in some cases these villages have been visited multiple times prior to the game crashing. Once triggered, some worlds crash the game every time you attempt to load them, but there are also cases where you can reload the world after it crashes and it doesn't crash again until you return to the village.

      I have attached test worlds. "Ad hoc bug testing 1.9" was last opened in 1.9. "Ad hoc bug testing crashed" was imported from the 1.9 world, then opened and explored until the crash happened (with the player at about -1300,90,-450).

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Import Ad hoc bug testing 1.9.mcworld into Beta. You should spawn at world spawn, about (600,72,0).
      2. Go to the command blocks and press the button on the center one, labeled "to village". This takes you to an old village whose villagers have been converted but no work as been done to upgrade the village.
      3. Fly up to about Y=90, then fly east to about X=1307.
      4. Sprint fly south to about Z=-350. You see a village ahead of you. You might crash as you get close, or you might not crash until after you pass over the village. If you don't crash by Z=-500, start over, as the bug is apparently triggered randomly.
        If you can't get the bug to trigger, it might be worth trying on a device with less memory available or a less powerful graphics processor.

      Original description:

      Opening a world (from the same beta version or any previous versions) will result on a crash. It'll show the usual loading world screen but it's just crashes once it's done loading.

      Creating a new world will not result in a crash but after closing and trying to reopen that same world, the game will crash once again. 

      Reproducing the bug is really easy to do since all you have to do would be to try to open a world on Huawei Mate 10 (ALP-L09) EMUI 8 (Android 8)


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