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boat increases the range of the slime block sound and jump.



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      Xbox One


      If you place a block of slime down and jump beside it nothing happens.

      if you place a boat next to that slime and slightly touch it and jump on the boat you will hear the slime sound and get the jump bounce from the slime.

      I am unsure if this is a feature or a bug. here is a clip of it. 


      Additional information by [MCPE Mod] Auldrick:

      The bug can be reproduced with a single slime block, but is easiest to reproduce when the boat is placed in the inside corner formed by two or more slime blocks. The effect is sensitive to the player's exact position in a complex way, but always occurs (as a minimum) in the part of the boat closest to a slime block.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Place two slime blocks touching at one corner to form an inside corner.
      2. Place a boat in that inside corner so that it makes contact with at least one of the slime blocks.
      3. Jump onto the boat (not into it, as in right-clicking).
      4. Move as close as possible to a slime block without touching it.
      5. Jump.

      Expected results:
      You jump once and do not bounce, and no slime block sound is heard.

      Actual results:
      You bounce up and down and hear the sound of a slime block bouncing.




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