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Beds Don't Always Allow You To Set Spawn Point



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Resolution: Works As Intended
    • Affects Version/s: 1.9.0, Beta, 1.10.0
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      Windows 10 - PC


      Description by [MCPE Mod] Auldrick:

      The logic used in Bedrock to set and use player respawn points results in different behavior from Java Edition under certain circumstances. It also provides an opportunity for other players to grief a target player and create an infinite death loop.

      Griefing/Infinite Death Loop
      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Player 1 places a bed and uses it to set their respawn point.
      2. Player 2 notes where player 1 was standing and digs there a hole deep enough, or builds an obsidian-topped pillar high enough, to kill an unequipped player from fall damage. The pillar could also be used for extortion instead.
      3. Player 1 dies for any reason.

      Expected results:
      Player 1 respawns either at another block near the bed or at world spawn.

      Actual results:
      Player 1 respawns at the set respawn point and falls to their death again. This repeats infinitely or until someone breaks the bed.

      Java Parity Breaks

      1. Breaking a bed does not reset the respawn points of players who last used the bed. Because of this, if you break a bed and place a new one in the same position, your respawn point remains in effect. Note that after replacing the bed, using the new bed will not change your respawn point or display the message, even if you're standing at a different place when you use it. This is unintuitive and could be confusing, particularly if you took your bed on an expedition but never actually used it to set your respawn point until you came back home, at which time you would find you cannot reset it. Another unintuitive situation would be if you break your bed and independently, another player places his bed in the same spot. This would prime you to respawn unexpectedly in a different player's bed, one that perhaps has a different color and orientation than your own had,
      2. The game saves a player's bed position, but not its orientation. Because of this, if you break a bed and place a new one in the same position but with a different orientation, your respawn point remains in effect. This is also unintuitive and could be confusing.
      3. The game always respawns a player at the player's last bed position if a bed exists there, even if the respawn position is obstructed. In Java Edition, the player is respawned at world spawn under these circumstances.
      4. If a player's respawn point, from either a bed or world spawn, is obstructed, the game respawns the player on the block with sky access at the same X and Z coordinates. This can cause the player to be spawned on a sky island or an overhang from which it's impossible to return without dying, yielding an unintended infinite death loop. In Java Edition, I think the player is respawned at a horizontally nearby block under these circumstances.

      Original description:
      Occasionally, when trying to set your spawn point by clicking on a white bed, it will simply not work.

      This of course needs to be done during the day, but normally when clicking on a bed during the day, it will tell you that your spawn point has been set.

      I have only seen this happen with white beds, and it has happened to me several time, in both creative and survival. Very frustrating when you realize after you die that it didn't work

      Video footage of this bug in action. Skip to 8:22


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