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Fighting the Enderdragon in a void preset softlocks game at random intervals



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      During February 19, 2018 (8:00-10:00 PM CST) An unexpected crash occurred in a free minecraft marketplace world (Void world superflat generation), called "ABSTRACTION: Minecon Earth"

      Following right after was a (hopefully) automatic crash report logged to Mojang from the application minecraft regarding "EnderSteve04" and his game crash, the following circumstances were amid the crash:

      -The gamemode was survival, with achievements enabled. The difficulty was set to peaceful

      -The enderdragon was respawned using four crystals

      -The dragon was beginning his fire breath attack for about the 7 time, I built a bit around the podium so I wouldn't fall.

      -The dragon egg podium was floating, and the obsidian towers go down to y=0

      -Two attempts at defeating the enderdragon, both crashed at similar points, the health value was different each time for the enderdragon before each crash, monster spawners and evoker entities were present (as part of the abstraction) before the crash.

      -Fallen iron bar entities and even a dragon breath harming cloud entity was in during the crash

      -About as soon as the dragon breath was floating (see the bug report please), the game crashed in an unusual way:

      The resulting crash caused all non-player entities to freeze, and all new particles excluding ones that direct player interactions cause (critical hit, sometimes landing after a fall), would render, but all others would not. If the player attempted to break a block, the block would not render the animation that results when in progress of breaking a block, would not drop the block, nor does the particles render when it a block destroyed. No noises would play except the player and his elytra.

      The enderdragon was stuck on his flight animation hovering on the podium

      Attempting to return to a different dimension, entering settings, or leaving the game during the softlock would cause a direct game crash.

      Attempts to summon new entities such as firework rockets for flight or to soar in the air would

      I have video uploaded to xbox live of this, and am preparing to upload it to the bug for further detail and much better explanation




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