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We cannot see our hand in Bedrock edition....



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.9.0
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      Nintendo Switch


      When I made a singleplayer world, I could not see my hand for some reason, even when I had the option “Hide Hand” off. So I just tested it by turning “Hide Hand” on then off. I still could not see my hand. I hope you could fix this.



      p.s. Also the version is really v1.9.0, there was no option for 1.9.0, it just says

      p.s.s. Sorry that I put it in this catagory, there wasn’t any option to set it to “Minecraft: Bedrock” so I just set it to the closest I can put it to bedrock.

      p.s.s.s. Also this is on my Nintendo Switch that I am having this issue on, I don't know about anything else. So I could not post proof, but if you guys try this on any bedrock (mainly the Nintendo Switch), you might now know the issue, but if not, then it's probably me. I am not entirely sure.

      Options I tried:

      Hand Hand – ON

      No hand


      Hide Hand - OFF

      No hand


      I don't know the issue. D:




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