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Lingering potion particles


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      A friend in my server has spammed lingering swiftness potions in one area while in creative. this creates massive lag, which is what they were intending but the lingering potion particles will not go away. ive seen lingering potions dissipate before so im not sure whats making them stay here besides the large amount that was thrown in a short time. i tried to just throw a single one myself after this incident and it will not dissapear either. I've tried restarting the world, switching the texture pack and filling the particle area up with blocks, I've searched for any command or setting that turns off lingering potion particles qnd haven't found anything that works to fix this problem. it seems im stuck with an area we simply cannot go to due to lag now.

      i assume if you wanted to recreate this you would just need to throw potions in a small area for a couple minutes.


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