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Scaffolding uses the "distance" value of it's pillar, rather than the shortest


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      When a scaffolding pillar can have a shorter distance value mid-pillar.
      It will use the longer distance from the rest of the pillar instead.

      This issue is exactly the same as MC-143687.

      Upon placing scaffolding underneath the "floating" pillar, the scaffolding besides said pillar breaks; upon placing it back, it falls.

      In Java Edition, the fix to this was actually using the shortest distance at any moment, not the distance from the scaffolding below, if present. (Java fixed this back in 1.14.)

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Build this structure:
      1. Place 1 scaffold block on the block shown in the screenshot:

      Observed results:
      One block at the very top of the structure will break. Upon placing it back, it falls.

      Expected results:
      The block will not break nor fall.

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