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      I had made a survival world a bit ago and had worked on it for a few days and one day suddenly when I went to reload the world, it gave me a message saying it had a problem loading my world and to try again later, something along those lines, so I tried again and it loaded me in but I was at the original world spawn when I created the world, with my inventory wiped, I thought this was odd but didn't think it was a big deal, so I continued back to the area where I had built up my base, when I arrived nothing was there, it was completely reset to how it was when I had created the world, so thinking maybe it had just been a one time thing I started over again and worked for a good few more days and had the same problem reoccur. I have kind of stopped playing because I actually had tried one more time in creative mode after that and it just reoccurred and why play if my progress is certain to be wiped over and over and over again. If you could please help with this issue/bug that would be great! I could care less about my now lost progress, just so if I can finally play again without my progress ever being wiped again! Thank You for everyone's comments, time and help to come!  


      Now as for the picture references, they are not any worlds I used in my description above but I created a new world to get picture evidence because I had deleted the previous worlds out of frustration and the possibility it could just be those worlds but that is not the case as it happens to every world I create. In the new world I built a small house just for an example then saved and quit and I got the same error as the other previous worlds. Pictured below in order; the spawn of the new world before building on it; a picture of the site I choose to build at before I build the house; the building result and last save point; the error message I receive; the place I load into after receiving the error message; the site of the build after receiving the error message. I figured this is lengthy but will very much help whoever is to help me solve this issue. Thank you for understanding!

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