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      I have recently started playing Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on my Nintendo Switch again with some friends on local play and we have all noticed a very serious amount of ridiculous loading time for almost everything in the game. You can't go very far on a horse before some glitch occurs that creates an invisible wall and freezes everything past it, forcing my friends and I to exit the game and reload it just to get it to work. Also, most of the UI is incredibly laggy, as in chests and even crafting tables sometimes take upwards of 10-15 seconds to load. In addition to the invisible wall glitch, travel is also slowed down quite a bit due to the fact that the terrain has problems loading in so you can see it, whether the chunk render distance is set high or low. Also, blocks will have only their textures left behind after being broken, and almost all particles and character models shake as the game struggles to update their position. I would really appreciate it if this could be patched in another update or something because this very clearly breaks the game and makes it nigh unplayable. 

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