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      This bug is difficult to explain, so try to visualise it in your mind.

      I was playing Minecraft PE (version 1.8.0) on my IPad Pro (2018), just spawning monsters in creative mode. Then after I spawned enough monsters I went to kill them with my weapon, but something strange happened while I was in the middle of attacking them. The perspective on my screen just glitched and instantly I was facing down at the ground. I was confused, because I didn't swipe the screen to look at the ground, I was only pressing the screen to move around and attack the monsters. When I was in the live PvP server, I went to attack a player with an axe, and after a few hits, the perspective on my screen just streaked and I instantly was looking at the ground. The same thing had happened again! After that I went back into my own world in creative mode and spawned the Wither. Then after I took some hits at the Wither, guess what? In a tenth of a second I was instantly looking at the sky! That was when I was certain that there was a bug that messed up the perspective in first person view.

      I'm not sure if this bug occurs in the other views (third person), but I hope you understood what I was talking about.


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