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The bug that hinders my survival process - the one-shot kill blaze bug.


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      So I was on a mission to get the beacon by killing wither skeletons at the nether fortress for skulls. There are also blazes there as everyone knows. I killed many with my bow. When I got hit by the fireballs, it did jack squat to me with my enchanted diamond armor. Then, unexpectedly, when I was pulling back my bow towards two blazes, one single fireball just wiped me clean. I had full health and armor, but not just that, I also ate a notch apple like 5 seconds before that, and had every single health-sustaining effect from it. I was so confused until I found out that it was a bug. I then decided to just delete my world, because it ruined my beacon and achievements quest. Without my armor, food, tools, weapons, potions, ender pearls, enchantments, and usefulness, I was bankrupt all because of that bug. Hope it gets fixed soon.

            enchanted6699 Jacob Namihas
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