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Texture Pack Not Loading After Update



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      So Minecraft bedrock just got a new update with pandas and the new cats. So when the new cats were added, the tamed ocelots that everyone had were changed to the new cats, right? However, I think they were added while I was playing one of my worlds, which was the Festive Mash-Up 2016. (Which was on creative mode) So the next time I went into the world, the game just freezed and it said "Minecraft is not responding." I removed the christmas texture pack and ended up being able to acces it, but there was something wrong. My cats were floating and have disembodied legs. I found out that the new cats were added, as I saw the "Spawn Cat" egg. I checked my other world to check on my cat there and he was redesigned. He was smaller, and had that red collar. I was confused. I went back to my other world and decided I might just need to kill them. So I did, and then replaced them with the new cats. Then I got out of the world and tried to re-enter the world with the texture pack. However, I got the same not responding message. I closed the app, and when I opened it again, the update message popped up. I tried entering another world with the texture pack. But I got that "Minecraft is not responding." I tried deleting and downloading the texture pack again, but nothing. And then I decided to report this. I really hope you can fix this, as I really love the christmas texture pack, especially at this time of year.


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