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Unable to place scaffolding 1 block above non-solid blocks


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    • 1.10.0
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      Scaffoldings are unable to be placed a single block above various non-solid blocks, such as lava, carpets, leaves, etc. They are able to be placed above water however.

      (The red glass in the image shows where the scaffolding cannot be placed.)

      Additional information by Auldrick

      This issue is about attaching scaffolding to the side of another scaffolding block where it would happen to be directly above lava, carpet, leaves, etc. This is different from placing it directly on one of those blocks as described in MCPE-40407.

      The fix for MCPE-40407 has fixed this for cauldrons, top slabs, glass blocks, and a few others. As of 1.9.0 it is not fixed for lava, carpet, leaves, or bottom slabs.

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