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iOS control bar overlaps hotbar on iPhone X and above


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      The iPhone X no longer has a button to switch apps, and has replaced it with a white bar at the bottom of the screen to swipe to change between apps. This overlaps the hotbar in the game, which makes it nearly impossible to effectively select a hotbar item without the phone thinking you are trying to change apps. Generally trying to pick a hotbar item usually makes the game pause instead when the os removes focus. As the game activity doesn’t actually stop when this happens, trying to pick a weapon to fight an enemy usually leads to the game pausing instead of letting you pick the item, and the enemy clobbering you or blowing you up while you are trying to close the menu. Shifting the hotbar 8-10 pixels up from the bottom would probably resolve this. Additionally the game activity should pause when the menu is open if you are not playing on a server. It used to do this, but does not seem to do so any longer.

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