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Game crashes at Mojang logo



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.6.1
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      Windows 10 Mobile


      I have had a terrible experience in Minecraft on Windows 10 Mobile, it seems like always once there is an update which breaks the game and doesn't start up, the next major update fixes the game and I can play the game for couple of months before the next major update drops, which usually breaks the game again.

      This time is the same issue again. Once 1.6 update rolled out, it displayed the patch notes succesfully, however after I pressed 'OK' the screen turned black and until 1.6.1 came out I couldn't get to the main menu. It always displayed 2 frames of the background (in the last frame it even seems that background goes backwards than intended) before getting into permament black screen. Once 1.6.1 was out, same things happened - patch notes, upon hitting 'OK' permament black screen and same thing all over again.

      Now recently the game can't even get to the background, it just crashes at the Mojang logo. Tried reinstalling the game altogether, but it didn't help.

       Edit: I've rebooted the phone, but it does the same thing as before. (black screen)

      Edit 2: I've formatted the phone altogether, and after installing the game again, I have been greeted with Sign in to Xbox pop up, which I did but it led me to white screen, and I had to reboot the game. The second time I decided to skip logging to Xbox, so I would get to the main menu, and to none of my surprise, screen goes black again.

      I'm (trying to) running this game on Microsoft Lumia 640XL LTE

      Also I'm stuck on 1709 firmware update on Windows 10 Mobile because I didn't realise there were some changes that I needed to watch out to make sure I would be able to keep updating my phone. Of course because of my luck I unconsciously installed it and I'm forced to stay on that update because OS tells me my firmware is up to date, which definitely is not.


      Also my question: has Minecraft been moved from UWP to PWA? If so, that means it could be an issue as of why I can't get this game to run at all anymore, since the current firmware I have doesn't support PWA, and my device may likely not support PWA altogether, which is a bummer.


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