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Crouching disables when opening any type of ui. (Such as pausing, using your inventory, crafting, chatting, etc.)


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           Hi. I've had this problem when I play Minecraft Bedrock when ever I crouch and open up my inventory, it uncrouches me. It ruins some moments of the game. Like when a player is building a skybase and they have to crouch to prevent falling, but then they have to open up their inventory to get themselves some more blocks or materials. But when they do that, they uncrouch without the player even noticing! Which could make them stupidly walk off their skybase! Or when a player is sneaking around. They need to crouch to keep their gamertag hidden! But when they need to craft something, they uncrouch, revealing their gamertag and revealing where they are!

           As you can see, this can get pretty annoying to most players in the game. I would appreciate it if you guys can fix this in the next bug fix update, or the 1.6 feature update. Thank you.

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