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Lag on Nintendo Switch - Game freezes temporarily


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      My friends and I have been playing a Realm world for the past month on the Nintendo Switch. When we first began playing, we had no issues. However, as time went on, we started to have major issues with lag. But not frame lag. We would, in some way, interact with the world, only to have whatever we had done simply... go away. Whether it was building, mining, facing off against enemy mobs, air running out when swimming, or even doing nothing at all, we would run into this issue. If blocks were placed, they would be removed. If blocks were mined, they'd pop back where they were. Mobs would freeze while attacking them. They would also freeze when approaching from behind, meaning we wouldn't hear them coming (because they were too far away) until they were against our backs, leading to many Creeper explosions and repairs to be made. We have tried downloading the Realm to the Switch and playing that way, thinking it may be a server issue. This was not the case, as the issue continued. 

      This is not an isolated issue. Searching online has turned up multiple other users having the same problem. It renders the game almost unplayable, as these issues can easily result in player death. It has also progressively gotten worse. When it first started, the lag only lasted a couple of seconds. Recently, I have counted multiple windows of lag that lasted 10 seconds.

      I have included recordings of some of the issues. My apologies for them being Twitter posts.

      Attempting to open a chest (this happens with doors, switches/buttons, etc.):

      Blocks disappearing after placement (You can see exactly when the issue starts by watching the block count):

      Just watching mobs (I know there are a lot on the screen, but this will happen even with only one mob on-screen; this was simply to clearly show the issue):


      Update: I have booted the Realm on my PC. Still having the same issue. Internet speed is 30 download/100+ upload. Connection is wired.

      Update 2: I have downloaded the Realm to my Switch and played offline. The issue still persisted. I also booted up a new file, and had no issues. This seems to be file-specific.

      Update 3: The issue seems to be localized within the world itself. Moving to different areas of the world alleviates the issue somewhat, but not completely. Thinning the number of mobs (RIP, you poor, poor creatures) also seems to have done nothing to lessen the appearance, nor the duration, of the lagging.

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