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Tripwire hooks not staying active when fishing rod bobber is on it


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      I have been playing the Minecraft PE on the Xbox one and trying to create an AFK fish farm to help gather some fish and rarer fishing drops, but for some reason it seems like every time I get the lure over the string and activate the tripwire hooks, they will stay on for a few seconds, then go back to the un-tripped state for a moment before retripping. This is an endless cycle, and it's becoming a bit frustrating to not have the ability to have the fishing rob and lure act how it does in all these tutorial videos that I see. Could it be something I am doing wrong? Thank you for any help provided.

       Edit: I DO NOT PLAY ON SERVERS! I literally play just locally or on small realms with friends only. I also only play Minecraft on the Xbox One, so if you do comment, please realize that I understand why it may not work on servers, but once again I'm NOT playing on servers.

      Xbox One

      Minecraft MCPE v.1.5.3

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