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      Nintendo Switch


      Ender Dragon appeared in my Overworld. I can see that there are other threads about this but I felt I should make another one so Mojang knows how big this is. 

      Ever since Mojang put out the Bedrock Edition onto the Nintendo Switch I have been going through and unlocking all the achievements (again). So when I respawned the Ender Dragon to get that achievement everything seemed okay. That is until he just disappeared. 

      I figured the game just glitched and I'd have to respawn it again, no big deal. So I head over to the exit portal only to find half of it was destroyed (by the dragon I assume). Again, I thought nothing of it and used the half that was still open to leave and respawn back at my village. Keep in mind I have spent the past 5 months working on said village. 

      So I skip the credits (I've already watched them on my PS3 and PS4) so spawn back at my bed in my village to which I start to hear the dragon. Thought maybe my 2 parrots were making the noise and thought nothing of it until the dragons health bar appeared. I run out of my house to see the dragon flying around and destroying my village. 

      After about 10 minutes I finally kill it and then really look at all the destruction it caused. There are now 4 HUGE holes near my village that go all the way down to bedrock and are about 40-50 blocks wide and a good chunk of my village is now gone. 5 months of work down the drain because Mojang thought it was more important to release the aquatic update rather than fix the known bugs. 

      I've basically lost all heart in playing the game at this point since it will take HOURS to repair all the damage that dragon caused.  


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