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Wither Skeletons & Blaze guys don't drop items needed to complete game in the crazy chunk survival world.



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      Xbox One


      There is a glitch with the crazy chunk survival game.  No matter how many times you turn the game off and start a new one.  When you go to the nether, the wither skeletons spawn all on top of each other into a big clump of a million wither skeletons, where they remain forever.  No matter how many times you kill them, they do not drop anything.  The same thing is happening with the blaze guys.  They don't drop the blaze rods and you require a stack of 64 of them to complete the task.  There is no way to properly play this world because of this.  I am tired of paying for these worlds and they glitch so that you can't use them.  This has happened on so many of these "better together" worlds for the Xbox One console and it is impossible to get any help.  I feel scammed and super annoyed.  You need to fix this or I will need to create a youtube channel just to warn people not to buy any of these worlds.  I will give you a smidge of time to fix it before I do that.  Thank you.  




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