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Ender dragon in the overworld stuck under bedrock and obsidian world freaks out



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      Xbox One


      I was playing bedrock edition on the xbox one. We had gone to the end the dragon was there. On our third of fourth trip he wasn't there anymore the portal home was there but no egg etc. we went back to our base about 2700 blocks from original spawn did our thing what have you. I died moving my bed and went to the original spawn. The dragon was there. He kept killing me I decided to try punching him to death etc got him down to about half health. Eventually he got stuck beneath obsidian and bedrock his back pokes out. Now I cant hit him, I cant take damage, My bubbles are always at 10. When i go into settings the game freezes indefinitely. When i load up the world I rewatch him get sucked under the obsdian each time and each time I try to punch him to prevent it but fail.  If i run far enough 100-200 blocks there is stuff still there but invisible. The whole world seems to be freaking out and I don't know how to fix it. setting it to peaceful did not help


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