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My character auto jumps/runs when using mouse and keyboard on xbox one



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      Xbox One


      When i use mouse and keyboard sometimes my character will start auto running, jumping, or walking depending on what im am doing in the world. I have checked all the settings and even enabled full mouse and keyboard compatiabilty and that did not fix the issue. I also know it is not my controller interfering with the game as my controller is usally off when i play. I do not run a wireless mouse or keyboard. This glitch only appers on the keyboard as it does not happen when im using a controller and it does not happen to my friends also using conrtoller. But it only happens to me and a freind who also plays mouse and keyboard. This bug mainly happens when i am playing creative and flying around. After about an hour of playing creative it happened to me about four or five times. The only way i have found to stop it when it happens is pin myself between a wall and spam the space and shift bar. 

      If someone does know a way to fix it that would be great as its a very annoying bug as i do only play mouse and keyboard.



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