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(Xbox One) crashes when loading some worlds



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      When attempting to load one world on my console (a survival world of 978.4mb), the game freezes after a few seconds of the "synching user data" popup and then crashes to the Xbox home page without giving any error message after a few more seconds.

      The world has a larger file size than before the last successful load which was between 600mb and 700mb.

      This world also doesn't display the gamemode type in the game's world selection menu and appears to have reverted to a default thumbnail image.

      When I attempt to edit the world's metadata a popup will occasionally appear stating something like "the world is corrupt or has not synched properly" and gives some vague advice before disappearing after a few seconds without pressing anything to open the metadata page as normal but without the game information that should be there (missing name, seed etc).

      Backing out of the metadata page (regardless of whether or not information has been changed) the game also crashes in a similar way back to the home page.

      This world was working fine yesterday before the most recent patch and appeared to save correctly but would not load today.

      The game was last saved whilst I was in the End and I may have opened the game before the patch was released and saved after the release. This may be relevant somehow.

      The only other world I have is a creative world (7.0mb) that works absolutely fine without any of the above issues.

      Creating a new world also works conpletely fine.

      Im quite annoyed about this issue as I have put a lot of work into this world. Hopefully I can restore it somehow.

      Also hopefully this is specific enough.


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